Husl roadmap
Sep 2022
Husl Founder Card Mint

Completed; Husl minted 64% of Founder Cards at a price of $500 USDC.

The remaining Founder Cards can be purchased by Founder Card holders only on

Nov 22 2022
Beta Businesses Released

Husl released 23 beta businesses on Nov 22nd to begin testing the business management dashboard and all marketing efforts.

March 2023
Husl Founder Card Benefits Released

Founder Card holders can now go to
and approve their FCs to receive royalties off the revenue of 500 businesses.

April 17th 2023
Public Business Mint Opens

We are excited for the next phase of the Husl ecosystem; releasing 500 businesses for mint on April 17th.

Q3 2023
New Business Series

App Now was the first business series of 500 Husl Businesses, this new series will build off the success and lessons learned from the first series.

Q3 2023
Business Marketplace Release

Our business marketplace will allow any Husl business owner to list their business in a native marketplace with all their dashboard KPIs and information on the business.