Husl Founder Cards

Husl Founder Cards were minted at $500 USDC to represent a $500 deposit on one of the Husl Businesses. We then packed them with added benefits and perks!

How to buy?

There are only 1,000 Husl Founder Cards and after October 31, 2022 you will only be able to buy the remaining cards (as supply lasts) by owning a Founder Card first.

If you don't own a Husl Founders Card you can get one on OpenSea:

Once you own one Husl Founder Card you can purchase more inside the Husl exclusive marketplace


1) $500 discount off a Husl Business
2) Unlock monthly recurring benefits generated from a % of gross revenue off all businesses.
3) Discounts inside the Husl ecosystem (ex. marketing services)
4) First access to beta features